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This week more sightings of our Kites. 4F has been confirmed again in the Wickham Bishop area in Essex and 2J has been sighted just down the road in Stapleford. This is the first sighting since it was ringed in a spring trap back in September. Pictures of both below.

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Great news today with sightings of two Red Kites on 4th November. 


The first a bird from Brocket Park in 2019 ringed as a nestling seen at North Creake in Norfolk. Picked up on a photo from a trail cam so shows the value of setting these things up.

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The second was a bird from Benington this year ringed as a nestling and photographed at Hawling in Gloucestershire.

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Thanks to both observers for the photos.

Two Kite's this morning in the spring traps boty young birds. Most probably wandering now and stopped being fed by parents so some hungry birds out there. That takes the Kite total this year to 20.


The aim of the Southern Colour Marking Group is to study various species of bird using colour marking in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We do this by catching the birds using a cannon net, a technique requiring a special licence, or finding nests of breeding birds and marking the young in the nest.

Birds captured using cannon nets are extracted from the net before being marked with individually numbered metal leg rings. Whilst ringing the birds, we take measurements and study plumage characteristics. As many birds as possible are marked with a colour mark (either leg ring or wing tag) which can be read with a telescope without the bird being recaptured.


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Bird ringing in Britain is licensed and coordinated by The British Trust for Ornithology. Bird ringing in Europe is coordinated by EURING.

A catalogue of colour ringing projects throughout Europe is voluntarily maintained by Dirk Raes at European colour-ring Birding.


The group operates with the excellent support and cooperation of The Essex Wildlife Trust at Blue House Farm which operates the nature reserve and allows access for Brent Goose catching. The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and the London Wildlife Trust allow us to access sites in the Lee Valley Park for Heron and Egret work. Richard Bott kindly allows access to woodland on the Bott Estate for Red Kite monitoring.

We are grateful to the Essex Birdwatching Society and Essex Field Club for providing funding for the colour ringing programme for Brent Geese, London Wildlife Trust for Herons and Jenny Weston at the RSPB for support with Red Kite wing tagging.

The development of the dynamic mapping was supported by a grant from the British Birds Charitable Trust.

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