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Photo Lee Price

2RNL a bird from Fishers Green ringed as a chick on 08/06/2016 seen on the river Thames in October shows a local bred bird appearing to potentially winter in London. This bird was seen in the colony at Fishers Green in May but did not seem to stay and breed. Maybe it has bred at another colony around London but we have no information on any sightings other than the May one.

2018 05 23 Walthamstow 28

On 3rd October we had our first sighting of one of the colour ringed Grey Herons, AC1 from Netherhall 4 months and 17 days after ringing. It was on the scrape at Rye Meads and the ring was very obvious which is good to see. 



2RNS Adrienne Delay

Photo Adrienne Delay

Black-headed Gull 2NRS spent the winter at Osterley Park in 2017 from October to December and is back there again seen on 25th September 2018.

JAN 3923

Great picture of ON(V) GW(6) at Rye Meads in July 2018 from Janet Martin. Originally ringed in 2013 this bird is seen regularly at Rye Meads but has not been seen anywhere else.


We have had news that Brent Goose Green AX has reached Germany and was present between 17th and 27th April at Langenwerder in Germany. This bird was last seen at Blue House Farm in February so we are delighted to see it is on the way to the breeding grounds and good to get a length of time for stop over in Germany.

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