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Grey Heron Ardea cinerea recoveries

These birds ringed by the Southern Colour Ringing Group have been recovered elsewhere, or have been ringed elsewhere and re-captured or re-sighted by us. Click on a ring number to see a life history for that bird and a map of its known movements.

Ring number Age / sex Activity Date Location Movement Duration



1 Ringed 16 May 2018 Netherhall, Essex
Found injured 07 Apr 2019 Letchworth Garden City 27km NNW 0y 10m 22d



1 Ringed 16 May 2018 Netherhall, Essex
Found dead 10 Feb 2019 Throcking 22km NNW 0y 8m 25d



1 Ringed 14 Apr 2018 Netherhall, Essex
Colour marks read 03 Aug 2018 Rye Meads, Hertfordshire 1km NNW 0y 3m 20d


1 Ringed 15 Apr 2017 Netherhall, Essex
Found dead 14 Oct 2017 Curtismill Green, Romford, Essex 23km SSE 0y 5m 29d


1 Ringed 21 May 2015 Netherhall, Essex
Found dead 11 Oct 2015 Harlow, Essex 8km E 0y 4m 20d


1 Ringed 31 May 2013 Netherhall, Essex
Found dead 03 Feb 2014 Stanwick, Northamptonshire 73km NNW 0y 8m 3d

Map of recoveries

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