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Recovery map for Black-headed Gull EZ58358


Movement details

This map shows the resighting and recapture history for the Black-headed Gull ringed with metal ring EZ58358. At ringing it was aged as a nestling (EURING code 1).

Activity Date Location Movement Duration
Ringed 04 Jul 2017 Fishers Green, Essex
Colour marks read 11 Jan 2019 Madrid Río, Manzanares river (Madrid city), SPAIN 1289km SSW 1y 6m 7d
Colour marks read 09 Mar 2019 Pinto Landfill Site, SPAIN 1303km SSW 1y 8m 5d
Colour marks read 04 Jun 2019 Fishers Green, Essex 0km 1y 11m 0d
Colour marks read 23 Nov 2019 Pinto Landfill Site, SPAIN 1303km SSW 2y 4m 19d

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