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Red Kite Milvus milvus recoveries

These birds ringed by the Southern Colour Ringing Group have been recovered elsewhere, or have been ringed elsewhere and re-captured or re-sighted by us. Click on a ring number to see a life history for that bird and a map of its known movements.

Ring number Age / sex Activity Date Location Movement Duration




3 Ringed 16 Jun 2018 Benington Tonys Wood, UNITED KINGDOM
04 Aug 2018 Benington Emmas Field, UNITED KINGDOM 0km SW 0y 1m 19d
Colour marks read 24 Feb 2019 Benington west of Burn's Green, UK 2km E 0y 8m 8d




1 Ringed 16 Jun 2018 Amwell Gravel Pits, Hertfordshire, UK
Colour marks read 12 Sep 2018 Amwell Gravel Pits, Hertfordshire, UK 0km 0y 2m 27d


1 Ringed 12 Jun 2016 High Wood, UNITED KINGDOM
24 Jul 2016 Benington Back Field, UNITED KINGDOM 0km NE 0y 1m 12d

Map of recoveries

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